About Cheese Professional Association

An association for those who love cheese

This association is for those who strive to bring the world of cheese to as many people as possible. As cheese has grown in popularity here in Japan, so have cheese shops and restaurants serving assorted cheeses.

At the same time, Cheese Professionals are increasing as well. To provide consumers with the finest quality cheese under the most optimal conditions, the Cheese Professional Association (C.P.A.) is working with Cheese Professionals to standardize and systematize skills and techniques.

The Cheese Professional Certification System

The Association provides Certification as an incentive for those who wish to deepen their knowledge and further hone their techniques.

The examination leading to certification is offered only to active C.P.A. members. Those who perform in the top 40% on the examination are eligible to be certified. Since 2000 we have conducted an annual exam, and as of October 2016 C.P.A. has certified over 2,800 Cheese Professionals.

These certified individuals are now at the front lines in all areas of the cheese industry.

Intensive Introductory Course

This course is held annually in June in major cities around Japan. Participants learn cheese history, manufacturing processes, main cheeses of the world, cheese nutrition, recipes, as well as cheese sales and service techniques. The course is considered essential for anyone dealing with cheese and is recommended for those hoping to become Cheese Professionals.

A variety of seminars to introduce the world of cheese

The Cheese Professional Associations holds a variety of (members-only) seminars around Japan-from professional seminars to more casual get-togethers where participants may simply meet to enjoy and discuss cheese. Information on these seminars is sent to all C.P.A. members.

Major Seminars

  1. • Assessment of cheese using the five senses
  2. • Techniques of cutting and presenting cheese
  3. • Pairing cheese with drinks including wine, tea, sake, cocktails
  4. • The process from milk to cheese
  5. • Meetings where the participants enjoy traditional European cheese

Activities to bring cheese to the consumer

The Cheese Professional Association has been active in its endeavor to bring the wonderful world of cheese to consumers, forming “The Cheese Tasting Comrades group”. This group meets semi-annually to enjoy a variety of cheeses. The C.P.A. has also been promoting dietary education for children so that they may enjoy cheese responsibly.

Advantages of C.P.A. membership

  1. • Free subscription to The Cheese Professional Association’s bi-monthly “C.P.A. Report”
  2. • Eligibility to sit for the certification examination
  3. • Discounted admission to various seminars and events
  4. • The Cheese Professional Textbook, issued by the C.P.A., offered at a special member’s discount
  5. • Periodic updates on developments in the cheese industry

How to become a C.P.A. member

Your membership is valid for up to 1 calendar year, from January through December. While you may join at any time, membership will be valid through the end of December.

  1. 1. Fill out the membership application form
  2. 2. Make direct payment to the Cheese Professional Association via bank deposit
  3. 3. Mail or Fax bank deposit receipt along with application form to the Cheese Professional Association (if you made payment via an online bank transaction please inform us in writing)

Contact Us

1-18-1 Iwakata Bld.3rd Floor, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0047, JAPAN

Phone Number: +81-(0)3-3518-0102

EMail: info@cheese-professional.com